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I’m Ankit Arora, an early through growth VC focussed on emerging markets (India, SEA, MENA). Previously, I was part of the investment team at Accel, where I led consumer tech & tech-enabled investments. Prior to that I was an investor at Unilazer Ventures.

I began this newsletter on persuasion by a few friends and colleagues who found my article on VC fundraising informative.

Who reads TrueGrit?

I enjoy writing about technology, early/growth stage VC investing and fundraising. As such, my readers skew towards early stage entrepreneurs / investors, emerging managers and students who wish to learn more about VC in emerging markets.

If you enjoy TrueGrit, please recommend it to your friends for an unbiased unfiltered analysis, commentary and discussion on venture capital in emerging markets.

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PS : while most times you’ll find me in a pair of jeans and t-shirt, this is me in my most professional avatar :

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